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FREE Vision Board Party!!

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We're having a Vision Board Party **and you're invited!! 🎉

💻  Part Workshop

🥳  Part Party

100% Good, Productive Fun! 🎉

Join us for a fun, interactive, and valuable event to help you manifest your dreams and goals! 🎯Let 2023 be your year!! Let it be the year where you set out to discover your North Star ⭐ and actually tackle what YOU want to do. Because just going along with fate is sooooo passé!


Have you thought about what YOU actually want to do this year? I'm not talking about what your job has planned for you to work on. I'm not talking about what the world wants you to do. I'm talking about YOUR North Star ⭐**!**

What do you want for yourself? Are you working progressively towards that? If you're not, join us and put together a vision board so you don't lose sight of that!

Maybe you already have a few ideas in mind but the year is already advancing!

Or maybe you need help thinking through it?

Here's your chance to think through your dreams, goals and much more. And...more importantly, put it down on "paper" in a way that is visual so you can make progress towards your North Star ⭐!

Why not join our Vision Board party?


You will need:

You will walk away with:

Think of this just like being at a friend's house to talk about dreams, goals, and much more! Bring a friend and let's vision together!


  1. Opening
  2. Quick Tips
  3. Meet & Greet
  4. Intro
  5. Vision Boarding
  6. Closing

Cost / Sign Up:

Free!!! This session is totally free! Simply sign up here for the February 2023 session.

Meet Your Party Host:


Hi 👋 I’m Regine! I’m a mom of twins 👸👸, a lover of nature 🍃, food 🥑, and event planning 🎉. I strive to enjoy every precious life moments by turning just about anything into an EXPERIENCE! I am a Digital Content & Workflow Strategy Leader and I help people live more intentionally and work smarter. I am a Notion Certified Consultant and a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD). Can’t wait to to have you over for Vision Boarding! 😀



Fill our our Training Survey and let us know if you’d like to see more sessions.



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Over 100 participants signed up for our last event!

<aside> ⭐ Participants rated this event 9.5 out of 10



Here’s what participants had to say about our last Vision Boarding Party

<aside> ⭐ Reviews:

<aside> ⭐ ““I loved the event! Even though I could only stay for the first 30 mins, I felt so zen'd out. Genuinely, the calmest I've felt in a Zoom meeting. You have such a calming and welcoming presence. And the board was delightful. I enjoyed the modules that you had and the many icons you made available for us to make our own vision boards. Ah, and your opening screen and music were wonderful! All around a lovely event. You have a gift for facilitation! 🎉  🙌  🌈 -Alexis L.



<aside> ⭐ “Thank you. A relaxing hour!” -Kim W.



<aside> ⭐ “Thank you very much. Great Vision Board party!” -Ellen W.



<aside> ⭐ “It was amazing event 🙂 Great job!” -Natalie



<aside> ⭐ “Thank you I loved this!” -Nya A.




"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." - David Henry Thoreau